Bless Those Who Curse You

Suzanne Uncategorized

I came across an amazing story on Public Radio the other day about a little boy with more wisdom than most of us.

Terrance, who at the age of 11, was being bullied at school. A slight boy, only about 4′ tall, was the object of ridicule at his school. You can hear in his voice how badly it hurts; his voice is quiet, and when he says “yes” or “no”, it’s barely a whisper.

But what is startling to hear is what Terrance did when the kids ganged up on him. Terrance said that he would go to the bathroom to cry. And pray.

The interviewer asked Terrance whether he has a particular prayer that he says. “Yes,” Terrance whispered.

“What is it?”

“I say,” Terrance answered, “’Lord, bless those who persecute me. Let them not hurt me too badly. Thank You that I am fearfully and wonderfully made’.”

Wait. What? How does an 11-year old boy know how to bless those who curse you?

There’s a happy ending to this story. At 15, Terrance has gained much more confidence. His mother described how changed Terrance is, how children have come up to her and thanked her for Terrance because he’s such an extraordinary child. And here’s what she’s said: “God has taken care of the situation and Terrance will be okay wherever he goes… God made Terrance for a reason.”

What a mom. What a boy!

If you want to listen to the story, it’s archived here: Wounded Warriors and Art