At the Starting Gate

Suzanne Uncategorized

Not really sure how the figures are calculated, but I watched my book at Amazon’s starting gate with a sales ranking of over #90,000.

That means that 90,000 books had higher sales than Copper Star.

As the day progressed, that number dropped, dropped, dropped…down to #10, 173…meaning that 10,000 books had higher sales.

Hmmm…let me re-think this. It means that Copper Star beat out 3,989,827 books!!! There are at least 4,000,000 books listed on Amazon.

Yep, I like that better!

I have read how authors get obsessive about those hourly rankings. I don’t think I’ll fall into that category…there’s something kind of amusing about it!

But I am grateful for every person who bought (or will buy) my book. And hope you’ll read it!