Antique Words

Suzanne Uncategorized

While working on my sequel to Copper Star, I am on a quest to be true to the vernacular of the day, in this case, the days of 1945. It takes careful attention to detail to make sure the language I use would be typical of that time period. Harder than it seems!

For example, to say that something just got pluto-ed would be… oh so 2007.

But to ask, “What’s all the kerfuffle about between Donald and Rosie?” Now that would be reasonable, though Donald and Rosie would have been babies and probably not have started fighting with each other yet. That, and Donald would have hair and not be forced to wear the flattened squirrel that is currently gracing the top of his head.

But I digress.

So I am collecting antique words. Not only charming, they create vivid and interesting word pictures. When someone is bootless, it means that they are useless. No good. Adding no value. If someone acts crabwise, they’re cautious and indirect.

Kind of a pleasant change from our modern “tense” language: IMing. Text messaging. Sidekick.

See? Didn’t your stress level just rise?

Take a deep breath and go dust your tchotchkes.