And We Thought She Came Home to See Us!

Suzanne Uncategorized

We’re pretty sure our college freshman is somewhere in the vicinity for the President’s Day weekend…

A) Wet towels are hanging in the bathroom.
B) The iron has been left on.
C) Chocolate chip cookies are freshly baked, the cookbook is still on the kitchen counter, greasy cookie sheets are piled up in the sink.
D) My beloved mini-van has disappeared.
E) The college freshman’s cell phone is gone, along with $20 to pay for parking to visit her friends at UC Berkeley, even though WE THOUGHT SHE WAS COMING HOME TO SEE US BECAUSE SHE WAS SICK AND HER FRIEND (another freshman who wants to be a doctor) DIAGNOSED PNEUMONIA.

If this were a multiple question quiz, I would pick…
F) All of the above.