An Instant Message Conversation with my College Daughter who Should Be Studying for Finals

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Mocha: mom
Mocha: MOM
SWFisher: Hi!
Mocha: hey
Mocha: what are you doing?
SWFisher: Sorry…had a bunch of things to take care of. Your sister is home. She’s getting her wedding dress altered.
SWFisher: How is your day going?
Mocha: im at the library right now working on a paper
Mocha: so can i get my nose pierced?
Mocha: just a small stud
SWFisher: As soon as you’re financially independent.
SWFisher: Until then….NO.
Mocha: you wouldnt even notice it though
SWFisher: Except when you have a cold and phlegm trickles out.
Mocha: MOTHER! that doesnt happen
SWFisher: It’s entirely your decision! Either we continue to support you and keep you on the payroll…or you declare yourself to be financially independent, put yourself through school, find a place to live, pay for a car and gas and insurance…oh, and food.
Mocha: wow
SWFisher: It’s up to you!
Mocha: lame
Mocha: k paper time
Mocha: ill call you later