American Idol Update

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So the season finale is down to Kris Allen (my favorite) and Adam Lambert (crowd favorite)! And they were only separated by one million votes…that’s amazing!

They are opposites in every way. My son thinks Danny Gokey’s votes will slide over to Kris’ next week for the finale.

Either way, their careers are good to go. Danny’s, too.

Here’s an interesting comparison to see Kris’ talent, which is far more subtle than Adam’s flamboyant style.

This is the song, Heartless, that Kris sang on Tuesday night. The next two versions are the original.

Kris’ version of “Heartless.”

Fray’s Cover version of Heartless:

And here is Kanye’s West’s rap version of the same song: (I couldn’t embed the you tube clip but here is the link to it)

Kris Allen took it to a new level.