A Touching Moment at a High School

Suzanne Uncategorized

As I dropped my son off at high school the other day, I pulled up behind a very sleek sports car. Two big football looking boys climbed out. The dad, who also looked like a football player, hopped out of the driver’s seat to open up the trunk so the boys could retrieve their Goliath-sized backpacks.

The dad reached into the trunk and handed a backpack to one son. The son took the backpack, then leaned over and gave his dad a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. Same ritual with the other son.

Right in front of zillions of teenagers! At the most public part of a schoolyard!

It was touching to observe. Clearly, a very natural part of family life for this gigantic, football playing family.

I smiled as I drove away. There are lots of good families out there, raising good kids.