A Top Ten Best-in-Life Day

Suzanne Uncategorized

This was exactly how I felt all day Friday, after the UPS guy delivered an overnight package of Amish Peace…hot off the press!

Its release date is September 1st…right around the corner. Just 14 days, 10 hours, 54 minutes away. Roughly.

Anyway, I received the package and then met some friends for a tennis practice.

Bad idea.

I played the worst tennis I’ve played in a long, long time. Just couldn’t connect my head to my body. I kept wanting to do the happy dance! My kind friends (sorry, Stacey, Karen and Maria!) tolerated me. Sort of…there was a lot of eye rolling after my multiple double faults and they did seem rather eager to wrap it up for the day.

It’s just that…I’m so excited about this book! Revell did a stunning job with the cover and lay-out (even the back cover, which I hadn’t seen), and the book’s message is Oh So Good. We have much to learn from the Amish about keeping life simple, slowing down, prioritizing important things, valuing others. And the experience of writing it–traveling to Amish communities, meeting very special people, capturing the depth of meaning in their culture–well, it was all amazing.

My husband came home that night with this big bouquet of flowers! That is not an everyday occurrence in our house. Worthy of a pix!

So all in all, even with my double faults in tennis, I think Friday will rank as one of my top ten Best-in-Life days.