A Guy’s Review

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Just received a great review for Copper Star from Craig Hart of Christian Fiction On-Line. I’m especially pleased because it’s from a man’s point of view.

I wanted to write a book that a guy could read, plus have a book cover that wouldn’t embarrass a guy. The cover is very mainstream, and Craig’s review is…well, it’s just the kind of review I could have hoped for.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Author Suzanne Woods Fisher has obviously done her research and does a great job of weaving history and fiction. A well-written and well-constructed historical novel, Copper Star delivers on a variety of levels. Although billed as an historical romance, Copper Star relies more on history and story, shunning the traditional fluff of the romance genre. Four stars!”

To read the entire review, go to: http://christian-fiction-online.blogspot.com/2007/06/copper-star-review.html