A Fisherman’s Best Efforts

Suzanne Uncategorized

First, here is a youtube clip about a host of a fishing show that will make your side hurt from laughing so hard. The poor guy is so sincere!

Next, thank you to everyone who left comments or e-mails about the Giveaway last week! It was inspiring to hear from my bleaders (blog + readers = bleaders) who are trying to be so intentional about Christmas: listening to beautiful music, getting shopping and cards done in advance, making special foods, watching good movies, treasuring time with family.

I love to hear you’re trying to slow down to savor this week. It’s going to go by so fast, and the pace of life will pick up again (into a full roar!). It takes effort to be fully conscious of all that Christmas means–both on a practical level with some vacation time with families, and on a spiritual level, as we celebrate our Savior’s birth.

There were so many posted comments that I decided to draw two names: Connie and Joann K.

I need your addys, ladies, and will pop those books in the mail.

Hope your Monday is off to a good start! And if your to-do list is making you crazy, scratch off all the non-essentials. One more gift, one more card…they won’t make any difference. But time with your family…time in the “here and now”…that will be remembered.