A Day in My Life: The Unexpected Thing about New Kitchen Appliances

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As much as our Summer of House Updating has stressed my fragile mental health, I have to admit I’m still dazzled by the new kitchen appliances. kitchen3


Our old appliances were 25 years old. They still worked, but they worked LOUDLY. The biggest change I’ve noticed with the new appliances is that everything is so quiet! Whisper-hush.



The old oven timer used to blurt persistently, like someone holding their finger on the doorbell. kitchen2The new oven timer gives an “I’m sorry to bother you”  gentle tap on your shoulder kind-of-sound. I didn’t even notice it the first few times I baked cookies! The new dishwasher sounds like a quiet brook. The old one sounded like Niagara Falls.




If it weren’t for the four electricians who shout from one end of the house to the other, plus my blessed-with-a-life-guard’s-voice husband, plus three dogs (one of which barks constantly)…you’d think our house was a library.