A Day in My Life: The Summer of House Updates

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This summer, one of our main focuses has been to get some much-overdo updates on our 1955-era house. It started when I pointed out a cracked tile in an extremely outdated bathroom to my husband. Being a highly detailed and uber-literal guy, he created five phases of updates for the house.

Five phases.


                    Note the redwood framing!

We are now on Phase Three. Dry wall has been torn out of back bedrooms–because apparently we needed insulation in the walls now that the children have moved out (?!). This morning, electricians are crawling all over the house. We’re updating the electrical system. Apparently, that was also necessary.

And Phase 4 and 5 have been put on indefinite hold because, starting September 1st, my husband is coming out of retirement and returning to a full-time job (more to come on that story).

So…guess what phase the cracked bathroom tile is in?