24 Days of Thanksgiving — Day 16

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If you’re just tuning in go here for the details of the 24 Days of Thanksgiving contest I’m running this month!

The Keeper‘s official release date is January 2nd, but it’s available now to pre-order. Thank you all for helping me spread the word by posting the video trailer on your blog and social networking sites.

The First winners are:

Day 1: Angie Adair

Day 2: Irene Hartwig
Day 3: Shirley Bessmer

Day 4: Anna Marie Decarlo

Day 5: Kathleen Brown

Day 6: Donita Corman

Day 7: Andrea Ricks

Day 8: Debbie Mosley

Day 9: Amber Horton

Day 10:  Jodie Moore

Day 11: Abbie Tireman

Day 12: Jennifer Short

Day 13: Martha Bales

Day 14: Nicole Elliott

Day 15: Cheryl Baranski

Day 16: Tammy Greer 

Email Christen your mailing address and we’ll ship out your advanced reader copy of The Keeper this week. And everyone will be entered to win one of the grand prizes.