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This new year is ‘crowding sail’ (seafaring lingo for whooshing along)!
Most of it, for me, has been spent on prepping for the February 6th release of Phoebe’s Light. It’s the start of a new series, ‘Nantucket Legacy,’  that I’ve wanted to write for years. At long last, its time has come!

Here’s a sneak peek: 

Phoebe’s Light is the story of a young Nantucket Quaker who longs for adventure and romance…and she gets both! But they come with trouble, too.

Before sailing far away from Nantucket with her new husband, Captain Phineas Foulger, her father gives her two gifts, both of which Phoebe sees little need for. The first is an old sheepskin journal from Mary Coffin Starbuck, her highly revered great-grandmother. The other is a “minder” on the whaling ship in the form of cooper Matthew Mitchell, a man whom she loathes.

The two stories weave together, warp and woof, to create a very unexpected answer to Phoebe’s longings.

‘Weather, wind and whales permitting’ (now, that’s distinctly Nantucket lingo), I’ll be back later this week with some EXCLUSIVE BONUSES you can get if you pre-order Phoebe’s Light.
And just a reminder…Phoebe’s Light is half-off on Amazon (only $8!) for prime members right now! Click here to grab your copy today!

So save your receipt and check your in-box for an exciting email from me later this week. Thanks for your interest in my stories!


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