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I’m doing something VERY fun today!

I’m guest hosting for Moms Together, a Facebook community of about 4,500 moms of all ages. I’ll be there all day, leading discussions and having a fun giveaway or two. All good stuff.

We’ll be talking about raising children–the hopes and the handwringings. And I’ll be fielding questions about how the Amish parent.

Here’s a hint: for the Amish, children are loved but not adored. What’s the difference?

The Amish have an 85-90% retention rate of young people who join the church as adults (that is a WOW! statistic).  How do they do it?

Another interesting fact: over the last twenty years, family dinners among mainstream Americans are down by a third. (Yikes!) What does that say about our priorities?

Those are just a few of the prompts I’ll be tossing out tomorrow to spur discussion.

Please jump in and join the conversation on Moms Together today! You just have to “like” the page, and you’re in. Would love your thoughts.

Ladies, only, naturally. Thanks, gentlemen, for understanding.