10 Things I Love About Florida

Suzanne Uncategorized

Here’s what I loved about Florida…

1) The diversity of people. Everyone is from somewhere else.

2) The beautiful views. Each time you turn a corner, you see the ocean.

3) The birds. This place is a birdwatcher’s paradise!

4) The prices. It was delightful to pay $1 to cross a huge bridge instead of $5 like you do in San Francisco.

5) The customer service. This state’s got it figured out! They could teach seminars on how to treat visitors so they want to return.

6) The sand on the the beaches. I’ve heard people talk about the white sand of Florida–like sugar. I thought it was more like powdered sugar. So soft!

7) The sunsets. Amazing!

8) The weather. Hard to beat an October day in Florida.

9) The food. Dee-Lish!

10) The new and old friends I met. That was the best part of Florida. The very best.