Photo #5

A Day in My Life: Top Captions Revealed

Suzanne That's Life

What really goes on in the mind of a dog? Who knows . . . but your captions seemed to be a perfect fit for the last week’s A Day in My Life photos. Thanks for sharing! Keep reading to see a few of my favorite captions. Congratulations to the winner, LINDA BAIO! Please email info {at} suzannewoodsfisher {dot} com to claim your prize.


#1. “I . . . almost got it . . .” —Sierra Fiath


#2 . Can’t you see I need a nap? —Linda Baio


#3. What do you mean, I just had a treat? —Linda


#4. “Oh, did you want a turn?” —Amy Bateman

Photo #5

#5.  Aaah, this wood floor is much cooler than that rug, those other dogs are nuts. —Melissa


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