A Day in My Life: Brandon & Fort Myers, Florida

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Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing some pix of my book tour to the Southeast. I had such an amazing trip–loved the people I met and was so impressed with churches and libraries and bookstores. It’s exciting to get out of my laundry room, away from the computer, and hit the road. Love meeting readers, seeing how lives are impacted by good books (all good books!), and stretching myself in different areas (like . . . public speaking!).

Here’s a pix of author Deb Coty and my Revell publicist, Robin Barnett, working very hard.

Me and Robin. We bonded over miles on the road and Chick-Fil-A salads.

Sometimes . . . I can’t believe I’m actually doing this kind of thing. Not the writing . . . but the speaking. I used to dread public speaking so much that I would take out my contact lens before I had to speak. And yes, that was dumb. I’m extremely nearsighted. Now . . . I wouldn’t say I’m a great public speaker, but I enjoy it.


Two remarkable, talented, and loving women from Bay Life Church in Brandon, Florida.

So kind! These women waited in line for a long time to sign books. And then we ran out of books! Bummer . . .

IMG_5988Below are pix of Faith Assembly Church in Fort Myers, Florida. I called it a Great Brunch for a Great Bunch! We were served an AMAZING breakfast (still dreaming of those biscuits!) and then a time of worship and praise, before I spoke to the group. My favorite part was the Q&A. It always is–the questions are so interesting and I feel that time makes the morning so relevant. Spontaneous, too!









These two events were very special to me. Loved being a part of such healthy, happy, welcoming churches. Plus, they were big groups and a lot of behind-the-scenes work done by volunteers (thank you, volunteers!). A very uplifting experience. Hopefully, for the attendees, too!



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