Coming Soon — Get Excited!

Suzanne Fun, That's Life

Soon, very soon, I will be announcing some exciting news! Big news. Can you guess what it is? If you can, you could win a copy of  all three of my latest books — The Haven, Life with Lily, and Amish Proverbs.

I will be tweeting new clues about my Big Announcement until the day of the big reveal. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to be the first to see each clue! (Don’t have Twitter? No problem, come back here each day for the clues.)

Day 2: It’s hand delivered.
Day 3: It’s low calorie.
Day 4: It’s a water cooler conversation starter.
Day 5: It’s easy to pack
Day 6: It likes to travel
Day 7: It goes well with breakfast
Day 8: It does not criticize your housekeeping
Day 9: It’s ready when you are
Day 10: It comes with a horse and buggy
Day 11: Better than a call home to Mom

Think you know what it is? Just fill out this form  (Feel free to fill out the form out as many times as you have guesses!) and you’ll be entered to win the books.

Good luck!