A Day in My Life: Billy Graham Museum in Charlotte, NC

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I can’t believe a month has passed since my book tour through the southeast. I wanted to share a post about a special day I spent in Charlotte, NC. My niece, Hilary, lives there with her husband.


My sister, Wendy, and niece, Hilary. Two of my favorite people!


Charlotte by day. Such a great city! A happenin’ place.


Same view–Charlotte by night.

We went to the Billy Graham Library while we were there–I’d recommend it! Amazing to see the impact Billy Graham has made on the world by sharing the gospel. He has spoken to more people on this planet than any other man. In one book, I read that crime rate went down in Sydney, Australia, after he had held a crusade there in 1959. My grandfather had worked with Billy Graham and his father-in-law, L. Nelson Bell, to launch a new magazine called “Christianity Today.”


Carl Henry (editor of Christianity today), my grandfather (publisher of CT) and Billy Graham (founder).


The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. This is Billy Graham’s childhood home. He grew up in Charlotte and the home was moved to the library property. Brick by brick!IMG_6225The library is in this barn.

It wasn’t really a library–it had lots of multi-media scenes.





Wheaton College, Billy and Ruth Graham’s alma mater, is near and dear to my heart.


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