A Day in My Life: Holiday Food Traditions

Suzanne That's Life

Food is always a part of wonderful gatherings, isn’t it? MK Fisher (no relation, but I wish there was) said something sorta like this, “Food isn’t everything, but it is a part of everything wonderful.”

Our family traditions:


Stockings: usually packed with good stuff to eat, including an orange at the bottom.
Christmas eve: Swedish meatballs (I married into a Viking family), and Nantucket cranberry pie (my side of the family)
Christmas morning: a egg sausage casserole, cinnamon rolls, coffee and OJ
Christmas night: roast beef and popovers ( I’d never made a roast beef before and was scared to try! If I messed it up, it would be a costly mistake. I followed Barefoot Contessa’s recipe to the T…and it was SUBLIME. Amazing! A new tradition for us.)

What are your food traditions during holidays?


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