A Day in My Life: Bonne Nuit

Suzanne That's Life

This has been a summer of non-stop celebrations for our family. Big life changing events! (More on all that in later posts.) A few Sundays ago, my daughter Meredith and I hosted a bridal shower for my niece Heather.   

Meredith is the one with artistic flair. Above, look at the chalkboard. That’s her free style handwriting! Below . . . her special touches.




This was our little favor for each guest: a chocolate covered graham cracker . . . customized! Loved these.  photo-26This table was mostly filled by the wedding party. It was fun to peek in and overhear their chatter! Trying on wedding dresses, picking out bridesmaid dresses, flowers . . . on and and on.



This table was for the . . . ahem . . . older generation. The mommies.


This outside table was the OLDEST generation! The grandmommies. (Moi.)




Below was my gift to Heather–a pillow from Etsy that says “Bonne Nuit.” There’s an inside joke here which I’ll happily share. Heather is a wee bit literally minded. One evening, we were staying at a small B&B and found  a similar pillow on the bed. Heather looked at it curiously and asked, “Who is Bonnie Newt?” We won’t let her live that one down . . . . That’s the beauty of family!


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