A Day in My Life: Green (ish) Thumb

Suzanne That's Life


Even with a severe drought in California this summer, my garden is planted and underway. We have buckets in our shower, bowls in the kitchen sink. It’s amazing how much water you can “capture” that usually goes down the drain. So far, so good! Our grass isn’t terribly green, but it isn’t dead and dry. The garden gets top priority!



My pups like to help with the gardening, too. Well . . . mostly “undo” my gardening! But they love being up there. As soon as I head into the backyard, they are galloping toward the garden gate. They’re the biggest nuisance in the carrot bed. They love carrots! Nature’s toothbrush, I guess.



“In smallest space, a fruit tree place. Attend it well, have fruit to sell.” —Amish Proverb

So what’s growing in your garden this summer? 


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