Phoebe has her own trailer!

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My wonderful publisher, Revell, created this trailer to celebrate the Feb. 6th release of Phoebe’s Light. It gives a nice hint of what’s to come in Phoebe’s life. Oh, she has such high hopes! And if you pre-order Phoebe’s Light, you’re entitled to FOUR EXCLUSIVE BONUSES! The book is still only $8 on Amazon, (that’s what I would pay with my …

Coffee Break

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This new year is ‘crowding sail’ (seafaring lingo for whooshing along)! Most of it, for me, has been spent on prepping for the February 6th release of Phoebe’s Light. It’s the start of a new series, ‘Nantucket Legacy,’  that I’ve wanted to write for years. At long last, its time has come! Here’s a sneak peek:  Phoebe’s Light is the story of a young Nantucket …

12 Days Suzanne Woods Fisher

12 Days of Giveaways: Day 12: Suzanne Woods Fisher

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The Humble Cranberry There’s a beautiful wooden cranberry rake by my fireplace that I use to hold magazines, but my dad had used, as a boy growing up on Cape Cod, to harvest red cranberries from his childhood farm each fall. My dad would get a chuckle out of how “sexy” cranberries are today. They’ve been identified as a superfood, …