Celebrating fall with historical fiction Sarah Sundin

Celebrating Fall with Historical Fiction | BONUS Sarah Sundin

Suzanne Fun

One of the many reasons I enjoy writing about the World War II era is because it’s a fascinating time for women’s stories. The needs of a nation at war led women to take on new roles, stretching themselves. In my latest novel, When Tides Turn, Tess Beaumont needs stretching and she knows it. Pretty and peppy, she’s used to …

Celebrating fall with historical fiction Roseanna M. White

Celebrating Fall with Historical Fiction | Roseanna M. White

Suzanne Fun

It’s every historical writer’s nightmare—when you discover that perfect bit of historical fact…too late! Now, the worst-case-scenario is when you discover you’ve made a dreadful, terrible, cringe-worthy error (yeah…been there, done that). Last spring, I rather made a discovery that would have been super fun to include in previous books, but which wasn’t a mistake. What was this fun discovery? …

Celebrating fall with historical fiction Maggie Brendan

Celebrating Fall with Historical Fiction | Maggie Brendan

Suzanne Fun

While I was writing Trusting Grace and beginning to develop the character of my heroine’s ailing father, it was as if God himself intruded into the sub-plot development with His own idea of what I was about to write totally changed. You know, it’s been said that a piece of an author finds its way into their writing subconsciously. Either …

Celebrating fall with historical fiction Karen Witemeyer

Celebrating Fall with Historical Fiction | Karen Witemeyer

Suzanne Fun

One of my favorite moments as a writer is when I stop to research some historical possibility and come away with a fascinating discovery. That happened to me just last week. In my latest release, Heart on the Line, instead of my usual cowboy hero, I decided to go in a slightly different direction. Instead of riding a horse, my …

Celebrating fall with historical fiction Christine Johnson

Celebrating Fall with Historical Fiction | Christine Johnson

Suzanne Fun

First of all, it’s a thrill and an honor to join fellow historical fiction authors this week on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s blog. I’m especially excited to chat with you, our readers. Since we’re discussing research breakthroughs this week, let me give you the inside scoop on one of the key research moments for Freedom’s Price. Often my historical romances are …

Celebrating fall with historical fiction Joanna Davidson Politano

Celebrating Fall with Historical Fiction | Joanna Davidson Politano

Suzanne Fun

    Research trips make for wonderfully romantic honeymoons. No really, they do. At least, that’s what I told my husband when I suggested spending two weeks in the UK poking around ruined castles and old estates. Being the wonderful servant-hearted man he is, he dove right into the research for books he’d never read if his wife’s name wasn’t …

Celebrating fall with historical fiction Jane Kirkpatrick

Celebrating Fall with Historical Fiction | Jane Kirkpatrick

Suzanne Fun

I write novels about historical women who might be considered ordinary but whom I think are extraordinary. Often, I can meet with descendants. I treasure their family stories that give me insight and direction for further research. Jennie Parrish’s story in All She Left Behind started with a descendant who wrote that an Indian agent I had mentioned in a …

Learning to Trust Your Instincts {Giveaway}

Suzanne Faith, Writing

This week I blogged over at A Virtuous Woman. Trusting Your Instincts Years ago, when I was in college, I interned on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The basement apartment where I lived was just a few blocks from work—an easy walk though it wasn’t a safe neighborhood. Lots of burglaries and break-ins, even in broad daylight. One day I …


Behind the Scenes of the Cover Photo Shoot for ‘A Beauty So Rare’: Spring Scavenger Hunt Stop 29

Suzanne Fiction, Fun, Writing

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! The hunt has 32 stops and runs from 4/4 (noon MDT)–4/6 (midnight MDT). It’s a great way to discover new books from some of your favorite authors (and maybe meet some new authors you haven’t yet heard of). The grand prize is a Kindle Fire HDX and a $100 gift card, plus two …