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Amish Wisdom Spotlight: Cheryl Williford

Suzanne Amish Wisdom

Pinecraft, Florida November Molly Ziegler gave the dust mop one last shove under the bed and hit a mahogany leg. Unexpected movement under the bed’s mound of sheets and wedding-ring quilt caught her unaware. She froze. Something swung toward her head. Instinctively she launched the mop high into the air, warding off the coming blow. The mop’s handle connected with …

Amish Wisdom Spotlight: Laura Bradford

Suzanne Amish, Amish Wisdom, Author Spotlight

One of my favorite parts of visiting Amish country is knowing that I’m going to learn something new-to-me during each and every visit. And, very often, that little gem finds its way into the latest book in my Amish Mystery series. Such was the case during one of my research trips to Lancaster County when I stumbled across the fact …


Amish Wisdom Spotlight: Made with Love

Suzanne Amish, Amish Wisdom, Author Spotlight

Meet Lovina and Noah, standing on the threshold of the home where Noah lives with three Amish teens under his supervision… *** Outside, the air was already heating up. She thought about inviting Noah to her parents’ house, but she didn’t want her parents to overhear. And she wanted to think through her plans before sharing them. But from the attention …


Amish Wisdom Spotlight: Lyn Cote

Suzanne Amish Wisdom, Author Spotlight

Among the “Plain People” in the US–the Mennonites, Shakers, Amana, Hutterites, and Quakers–I am fascinated by and write about this last sect, just as old as the Amish. If you’re unacquainted with the Quakers, rent the old Gary Cooper film, “Friendly Persuasion,” which portrays the Quakers, or the Society of Friends. Remembered for their use of Plain Speech: “thee” and …