A Day in My Life: Holiday Luncheon for Guide Dogs for the Blind

Suzanne That's Life

A week or so ago, I was invited to the holiday luncheon for Guide Dogs for the Blind, held at the St. Francis Hotel in Union Square (oh-so-posh!). Such a wonderful event—celebrating the work of partnering a well-loved, well-socialized, well-trained dog with a visually impaired individual. You could have heard a pin drop in the large banquet room as speaker …

Fisher - Wedding-002

A Day in My Life: Highlights of a Very Special Day!

Suzanne Family, That's Life

Here are a few highlights from a very special day… my daughter’s wedding! My daughter had a “Chinoiserie” wedding—with blue and white porcelain as accent pieces (a nod to our years living in Hong Kong, plus she met her now husband(!) while they were teachers at an international school in China). The beautiful bride! Happily ever after! Are you new here? …


A Day in My Life: Garden Woes

Suzanne Going Green, That's Life

I don’t know how pioneers survived. My garden is enclosed, well tended, and yet nearly every week, there is some kind of middle-of-the-night invader who ruins a thriving plant. Below was a gorgeous sunflower, just about to open, that suddenly had its stalk chewed about two feet up from its base. It seemed like the work of a deer, but …


A Day in My Life: How to Make a Tabletop Pop

Suzanne That's Life

I gave a shower for a friend’s daughter a few weeks ago. Lindsey and fiance Drew have a unique theme for their wedding: olives. I found Caspian olive paper plates…(my favorite go-to for a beautiful, sturdy paper plate) and went from there! Lindsey’s mom, Katrina, brought over the succulents for the table tops. She covered the plastic containers with a …