What a Week can Bring!

Suzanne Fun, Summer

One of my favorite moments . . . picking up a child at the airport. Last Wednesday, I picked up my son, Tad, home from two weeks in India! Before that, he finished his junior year of college in Illinois. He’s hardly home because he’s on the basketball team. The bball season goes through the Christmas holidays—we usually only see him briefly throughout the school year. So his homecoming each summer is a very big deal.


suz2A quick visit over to Guide Dogs for Toffee’s opthalmology appointment. Did you know dogs have eye doctors?

suz3Here’s a little guide dog puppy-in-training I happened to notice. Ridiculously cute!


suz5Some gifts Tad brought home from India.

suz6Another gift Tad brought home from India. Imagine wearing that on your head! Hot and stiff.

suz7Monday . . . Tad’s first day of his summer internship.

suz8Summer is getting underway in our backyard. This is a common sight. A family of basketball players!



suz11Toffee and I watch and cheer from the deck.

suz12Already had a summer BBQ. Naturally, it rained. But . . . more to come. Wish you could join us!