Give Me the Simple Life: Water

Suzanne Simple Living

This year, start small.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Rather than set a major goal that fizzles out by the end of January, commit to small things. 

Drink more water. We’ve all been saturated (Pun! Sorry . . . couldn’t resist) by the media over the benefits of drinking more water—as much as 8 glasses a day. Water helps keep you hydrated, benefits your immune system, keeps your brain fully charged, helps to stave off depression, on and on. We get it! Still, drinking a lot of water each day isn’t that easy or enjoyable. Until…I received this as a gift:

The water tastes great (thank you, Brita!) and the bottle is easy to grab and drink throughout the day.

And I have to say, I do notice a difference in being fully hydrated—less tired, for one. And I sleep a little better . . . probably because I’m substituting water for coffee or tea.


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