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Speaking Topics:

Plain Talk about the Amish: Why Do They Fascinate Us?

Maybe it’s the fast pace of living, maybe it’s the speed of new technology, but there’s something about the Amish that beckons to us. Who are the Amish and how have they been able to hold on to their traditions for over 400 years? In this program, Suzanne gives a brief, painless history of the Amish. She offers ideas about how to bring some of the better characteristics of the Amish into our busy, modern, very non-Amish lives.

Creating Community: Lessons from the Amish

It’s easy to get distracted by buggies, beard and bonnets, but look a little deeper. There’s so much to learn from the values of the Old Order Amish. In this program, Suzanne shares some key lessons she has learned from the Amish through true stories. Takeaway value is the emphasis, because Suzanne’s underlying principle is that you don’t have to go Amish to incorporate some of their principles into your life.

The Art of Kindness

Kindness is rendered almost meaningless in our culture today. Not so for the Amish, who emphasize it as a value. They know that kindness starts in the home. Suzanne shares stories of how the Amish encourage kindness in the home. She also discusses the flip side of kindness—irritability—and how it can erode relationships. Kindness may seem so simple, but it is profound. It can transform lives.

Creating Margin

The simple life. It sounds so appealing, doesn’t it? Living with less, reducing expenditures. That’s a great place to start, but it isn’t where we should stop. There’s more to the simple life than purging. It should include creating margin for what’s most important to you: faith, family, and friendships. Suzanne provides practical advice, gleaned from the Old Order Amish, to help you focus your time and energy on what really matters most.

On Writing:

Risks and Rewards: Writing Your Best Work

Writing well means facing risk: fear of failure, rejection, self-promotion and, surprisingly, even success. Sharing from her  own journey to publication and a few battle scars she’s collected along the way, Suzanne will explore how individuals can successfully face their own risks and answer the call to write.

So…You Want to Get Published

You’ve gotten serious about your writing. Now it’s time to get serious about getting published. After attending this class you will have the tools to make a plan, ideas to create a platform for yourself, and tips to study the business end of writing. Suzanne provides shortcuts to getting published and staying published.

Just the Facts: Creative Non-Fiction

“Just the facts” doesn’t have to be boring. Suzanne applied simple fiction techniques to her non-fiction writing and found it came alive. In this workshop, Suzanne will discuss how to incorporate storytelling structure, scene setting, effective dialogue, believable characters, and elevated prose to your non-fiction writing. Fiction writers will also benefit from this workshop.

Let’s Talk! Creating Dialogue Driven Scenes

How does a piece of writing move from average to great? Dialogue driven scenes, that’s how. Well-placed beats that reveal a character’s personality, minimizing speaker attributions, and effective use of interior monologue. Suzanne discusses trends in current literature, how to improve dialogue and make scenes pop, including tips from project editors. Whether you’re a beginning author or someone who needs a refresher class on strong writing, this class will offer something for you.