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Share the Memories SWF


Thank you so much to all who have shared your holiday memories over the past few weeks. I enjoyed reading them!

Congratulations to our final winner, Kathe Hill who shares:

In 1953, my family had emmigrated to California from Canada. In the morning, we wore our winter coats to school and had to carry them home in the afternoon. Christmas eve saw us in the coats again. However, Christmas Day we were outside playing basketball in shorts and t-shirts in our driveway. I carry many wonderful memories of the time we spent there!!

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  1. I have always lived in Lowell, Massachusetts, this city is a reflection of the industrial age beginning in the early eighteen hundreds when our mills hired women and girls to weave fabric our canals would take them into Boston, now with U Mass Lowell we have become a Educational City ,also have a community College and we are growing. I am very proud of our City

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