A Day in My Life: Steve’s Serious Ice Cream

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Most of you know that my husband is a SERIOUS ice cream maker . . . plus, he’s a serious guy (Hence the name! It has a double meaning). Lindsey, our eldest, is not only a nutrition major, but went to Ice Cream School with Steve at Penn State. She’s his sous chef and main consultant. They’ve been known to spend hours talking about minute details of ice cream making on the phone on weekends. Before she returned to Seattle last week, they tried a new feature: homemade cones! They were RIDICULOUSLY good! Made with almond extract—had a crisp butter cookie flavor and texture. Paired with Salted Cream Ice Cream . . . oh, my. Goodbye diet.



Blake was the sampler.


First one was thick enough to break a tooth. Second one was burnt. Third one had a hole at the bottom.






Finally . . . everything worked!


Steve has tried some new flavors this summer: Peach Crumble. Apricot Crumble. Cherry Almond Chocolate. Balsamic Strawberry. All so delicious! What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

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