Winners Announced from the Amish Trivia Contest

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Life with LilyMy assistant, Caitlin, got some great answers from you all! For the most part, everyone was correct in answering this week’s trivia. Here are the correct answers:

1. True or false? Old Order Amish can’t own cars, nor can they travel in them. False! They can’t own cars, but they can travel in them.

2. The Amish attend school through: a) fourth grade b) sixth grade c) eighth grade d) twelfth grade. C—eighth grade

3. True or false? The Amish celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. True!

4. The Amish get married in: a) spring b)summer c) fall d) winter. November is the traditional month for weddings, so C is the correct answer. However, I realize there are a few exceptions, so I also accepted D.

5. True or false? Amish women trim their hair, and unmarried men can have moustaches. False!

The winners are:

Kim Ferland
Katie Johnson

Please send your mailing address to to claim your book, and congrats, ladies!