Release Day!

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Release day!

Today, The Calling hits the bookstores . . . and goes on the road!

I want you to know three things about The Calling. The first is it is different. A sticky topic is tackled: how the Amish deal with mental illness. But it’s a light-hearted book, too, that will make you grin, laugh, and feel sorry to come to the last page. An excerpt can be found HERE.

The second is that I’m heading out on a book tour this week! Join me if you live near any event! Details here. And if you’re able, I’d be honored if you’d pick up a copy today-and tell your friends and family about it!

Third, watch my contest page beginning January 20th. I’m celebrating the release of The Calling with a great giveaway: TWO iPads, TWO Kindles, and TWO Nooks!

As always, thank you for your support and interest in my books.

Warmly, Suzanne


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