Wednesday Wonderings: Blessed Lulls

Suzanne Family, grandparenting

I became a first-time grandmother at age 51. At that time, I only had one friend who was also a new grandmother. Even now, most of my friends are still wishing, and hoping, and waiting…

Here’s what I like to tell my friends who are in that “lull stage” (post empty-nest, weddings have started, no grandchildren yet): You’ve been given a gift of time right now, a blessed lull. For most of your life, there’s never enough time! Soon enough, the grandbabies are going to start coming and life will never be the same. In a wonderful way!


For now, cherish the quiet house, the manageable calendar, the empty closets…the blessed lull.

What about you? Have you had “lulls” in your life? What lessons have you learned from them?