A Day in My Life: Summer is Wrapping Up

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On Sunday morning, the house went from VERY noisy to VERRRRRRYYY quiet. Tad headed back to college for his senior year; Lindsey and the babies flew back to Seattle. A bittersweet moment after a a jam-packed summer: Meredith off to China and Tad home with an internship, Lindsey’s visit with Blake and Kaitlyn. Full house . . . then . . . empty nest! Seems like that’s the way it always is, though. Feast or famine. Here are a few pix of last week’s visit.


(Top) Playing ping pong with Blake…a little risky. The ball goes everywhere. (Bottom) Kaitlyn with her dad, watching the ping pong tournament.


(Top) Steve’s Serious Ice Cream! Starting a batch of Salted Caramel with new helpers: Tad and his lovely girlfriend, Sarah. (Bottom) Blake gets a peek over the fence at the creek at his great grandma’s house.


(Top) Kaitlyn meets her great grandmother for the first time! (Bottom) Tad used to swing on this very swing at Grandma’s house when he was Blake’s age.


(Top) My daughter Lindsey with Blake. (Bottom) Steve is trying to feed Kaitlyn. Not working . . .

As the house emptied out on Sunday, it definitely felt like summer’s end was in sight. Leaves are even starting to turn on some trees and floorboards are cold in the morning. Same for you? What signs of a coming fall are you noticing in your neck of the woods?

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