A Day in My Life: Daughter’s Home from China!

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Last Saturday, my daughter Meredith arrived home from China for her older brother’s upcoming wedding. There’s a national holiday in China this week—no school—so the timing for the wedding is rather . . . providential.

This was Meredith’s first trip out of China and she was all alone. What should have taken her about 90 minutes to get to the airport ended up taking four hours! At the border, she ended up in a confusing situation in a foreign country—but she was helped by a kind woman who spoke a little bit of English. (Thank you, thank you, kind woman!) I am so grateful to those who prayed for Meredith’s travel; those prayers were answered! It’s amazing she made the flight at all. Not a minute to spare!


My husband and I arrived super early at the arrival lobby at the San Francisco Airport and waited . . . waited . . . waited. There’s a television screen to watch the travelers come through the hallway. I watched carefully, camera poised, for every single traveler. Naturally, I looked down for one moment and Meredith came and went on the screen! Naturally.

It’s so wonderful to have children (any age!) home after they’ve been away. We communicate frequently using Viber or What’sApp (terrific free apps, btw), but there’s nothing like a face-to-face. I keep wanting the days to SLOW down. This is such a special time in our family’s life. So very grateful!


Meredith is spending a year as an international teacher in China. You might be interested in reading about her adventures and observations in her blog: Pencils and Chopsticks.

She’ll be heading back on Monday, October 14th. For obvious reasons, prayers are welcomed!!

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