A Day in My Life

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The exterior of our house is getting painted. Naturally . . . just as they put plastic up over all the doors and windows, the temperature hit the high 90s. All weekend long, we couldn’t open any windows. By Sunday night, we felt like we were suffocating.


Amazing how much preparation it takes . . . before painting can begin. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in that . . .


You know those fake background scenes in old westerns or on Food Network sets? That’s what our house resembled like all weekend, inside out.


Such a project always gets worse before it gets better.



Finally, the spraying begins.


The trim on the left used to be white. Clearly . . . the house needed a facelift.


Trim work in the front should happen soon. I hope.



We’ve had a four legged houseguest this week, Koda (on right). The pups can only go outside when the painters took a long lunch break. They are not happy.


But I am! Love taking good care of our home. It’s not big and it’s not fancy, but it’s the little patch of land God has given to us to raise our family.