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Unlike the . . . ahem . . . personal issues in Tiger Woods’ life, there’s a professional golf career achievement that has gone virtually unnoticed. It happened slowly, unfolding throughout seven years. During that period, Tiger qualified in 142 consecutive tournaments—more than any other player in the history of U.S. professional golf.

What a testimony to commitment and consistency, to dailyness.

Consistency seems dull, but it’s the key to so much growth and development in our lives, including relationships. And that definitely includes our faith.

There are certainly great spiritual events in our lives, but it’s time spent with the Lord on a daily basis that builds and fortifies our foundation of faith. Daily, rather than dramatic devotion.

I’ve got a pretty reliable pattern established to fill my mind with God’s word each day. I spend about fifteen minutes each morning, before starting my work day, reading the Bible or a devotional. My favorite right now is John Stott’s Through the Bible, Through the Year (Baker). Later in the day, usually when I’m walking the dogs, I’ll listen to Discover the Word or a sermon podcast. You could say I sort of “bookend” my days. It works!

What works best for you? Have you found a pattern that helps you keep up a daily habit of spending time with God? A favorite book, a special place in your house, a cafe latte? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below with your tips, and I’ll pick one person who comments to win a signed book from me.


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