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CoffeebreakThis last week, one friend was accepted into a graduation school program and another was denied. I was thrilled for my friend who has a clear path forward in her career dream, and sad for my friend who received a no. Sad, but not discouraged, nor doubting the path.

One thing I’ve learned through this writing gig: God is in the no’s.

Throughout the years when I free lanced for magazines, and then as I transitioned to writing books, I could have wallpapered my entire house with rejection letters. It wasn’t easy to keep going…(understatement!)…but I did. I just kept trying again.

Looking back, especially when I think of my first book with a traditional publisher, had I received a “yes” any sooner than I did, I wouldn’t have been ready. I’m pretty sure I would have been a one trick pony for a publisher. Instead, the timing was amazing. Just the right agent, just the right editor, both looking for just the right writer for a project.

God is slow but never late. 

Thirty books later (30!), I am grateful for God’s no’s. The no’s aren’t easy to swallow, but they’re surprisingly good medicine.

What about you? What lessons have you learned from God’s no’s?

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  1. Maybe the friend who did not get accepted will find a school that will better fit her needs.
    Best to both of them.
    One time on Touched by an Angel the character played by Roma said “Sometimes God says no”.

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    Great job making me think.

    The lessons I’ve learned from God’s no’s is, I think sometimes he means “not yet – be patient”

    I get what I need, not necessarily what I want, but he gives me what I should have … he leads me that way, so I know it’s what I should have.

    thanks Suzanne..

  3. We really want another baby, but each month its a big fat negative. I have struggled with this No. Or maybe ( hopefully) a not now. But each night i ask got to link my desires with his will.
    About a month ago i fell asleep crying and talking to God. ( yes, I fell adleep in mid conversation and yes, I feel guilty) That night I had a dream. A very bright light, almost a huge ball, moving all around spoke to me. It said “do not be sad, I am preparing you for something bigger! ” I think it was God comforting me and letting me know he was working hard on me for whatever he has planed for me next!

    1. Post

      Vanessa…what a beautiful visual for you to hold on to! A friend of mine travels to Africa quite frequently (she’s involved in some missions there) and she has often remarked about how dreams are valued in that culture. They’re considered to be messages. I’m glad you felt hopeful after your dream! Thanks for sharing your life. Will be praying about this situation. Warmly, Suzanne

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