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iPad Mini and Kindle Giveaway


Anna’s Crossing has been trickling into the bookstores—and it’s now officially available everywhere. Thank you so much for your support to help launch this book! It’s getting some terrific reviews. Booklist said, “Fisher takes readers on an incredible journey in the first of her new Amish Beginnings series. Tracking a 1737 voyage of early Amish immigrants, this inspirational novel is rich in nautical and religious history and authentic detail… Those who summon the courage to read about the raw immigrant experience on this treacherous crossing will find a deeply satisfying story of conviction and hope.”

If you’ve had a chance to read Anna’s Crossing, I’d be so very grateful if you would leave a brief (just a sentence) and honest (I do mean that!) review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or CBD. Your words carry weight!

And if you haven’t read it but think you might like to, here’s a peek at the first chapter.

It isn’t every day an author has a book release. So to celebrate and to thank you for being such loyal supporters, I’m giving away an iPad and Kindle!