Friday Photo Caption Contest: Waiting for your Wit

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Winner of last week’s photo caption contest was Loretta M.: “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Loretta, email me with your mailing address and I’ll send you a signed book. And to everyone else…I love reading your comments! It’s always hard to choose just one because they’re all good. Here’s this week’s photo…waiting for your caption. It’s a pix of …

A Trip to Facebook HQ

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A week ago, my friend who works at Facebook (in Seattle) was  in town, so he invited me to  come to Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park. I grabbed it!   I’ve been to Facebook HQ four times now. What shocked me this time was how many more employees there were! My friend has worked at FB for four years; he …

A Day in My Life: The Unexpected Thing about New Kitchen Appliances

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As much as our Summer of House Updating has stressed my fragile mental health, I have to admit I’m still dazzled by the new kitchen appliances.    Our old appliances were 25 years old. They still worked, but they worked LOUDLY. The biggest change I’ve noticed with the new appliances is that everything is so quiet! Whisper-hush.     The …


A Day in My Life: Holiday Luncheon for Guide Dogs for the Blind

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A week or so ago, I was invited to the holiday luncheon for Guide Dogs for the Blind, held at the St. Francis Hotel in Union Square (oh-so-posh!). Such a wonderful event—celebrating the work of partnering a well-loved, well-socialized, well-trained dog with a visually impaired individual. You could have heard a pin drop in the large banquet room as speaker …


A Day in My Life: Fox 8, Cleveland

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People tend to glamorize the writer’s life…but the truth is it’s really not so very glamorous! For me, it means lots of time spent in a laundry room. But recently I had a rather surreal moment–a TV interview on Fox 8 in Cleveland, Ohio. Surreal, yes. Glamorous, no. So much of behind-the-scenes TV is not the small piece of what …

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Dan Walsh’s Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

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A few years ago I hosted Dan Walsh on my blog to share his thoughts on Veteran’s Day — his words are just as timely today. Thank you to all the men and women who’ve made sacrifices for our country! I want to thank Suzanne for inviting me to share some thoughts about some unsung American heroes here on Veterans …

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A Day in My Life: Miller’s Bakery

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The next time you’re heading to or through Holmes County, Ohio, you’ve GOT to make a stop at Miller’s Bakery. Hot-from-the-Amish-oven baked goods, fresh spices, treats to take home (or, as in the case of my sister and me, to eat on the way). Jams and jellies, candy and coffee. Stocking up on fresh spices is one of my all-time …

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A Day in My Life: Cornerstone TV

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Not long ago, I had an unusual (for me!) day being interviewed on Cornerstone TV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Arrived VERY early in the morning… First step, hair and make-up overhaul. (What a treat!) Everyone involved with Cornerstone was so impressive–totally genuine people. And so kind! Last thing, I signed their Wall of Fame! I could’ve spent hours reading comments… A …


The Miracle of Fire

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Have you seen in the news that there are lots of forest fires in Yellowstone? They’re from lightning strikes, and they’re natural and necessary.  Yellowstone is mostly volcanic, so the soil quality is very poor and there’s less variety of plant life. One tree thrives there…lodge pole pine trees. Natives Americans used them for teepees or lodges, because they’re a …

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A Day in My Life: Highlights of a Very Special Day!

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Here are a few highlights from a very special day… my daughter’s wedding! My daughter had a “Chinoiserie” wedding—with blue and white porcelain as accent pieces (a nod to our years living in Hong Kong, plus she met her now husband(!) while they were teachers at an international school in China). The beautiful bride! Happily ever after! Are you new here? …