Hands holding tablet

Give Me the Simple Life: E-Readers

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Hands holding tablet

Most likely, you or someone in your family has a Kindle, Nook, or an app on your phone or iPad to read books electronically. A few years ago, I gave Kindles to my children for Christmas and they were a surprise hit! They love their Kindles and read far more on them than they do hard copies of books.

Not me, though. It hasn’t been as easy to adapt to reading a thin tablet in my hands. A lot of people say they can’t give up the feel of a book. I understand that.

Seems like there’s a place for both e-readers and traditional books . . . but I do think e-readers are worth getting used to. While there are drawbacks (like . . . when your daughter moves to China and packs your Kindle charger in her suitcase), it helps to consider the benefits.

The obvious ones:

  • Lightweight, easy to travel with.
  • Saves trees.
  • Usually, e-books are cheaper than hard copies.
  • Lots of great deals to try new or free books.

The less obvious ones:

  • You can save your highlights and send them to your computer. That beats the double process I have to use by putting a post-it tab in the book and later typing it into a Word doc.
  • If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow a book from the Amazon library—one at a time, but you can keep it as long as you want.
  • Public libraries now have e-books available. And no overdue fines! The book just slides away when it’s due. Your highlights and notes, though, will be saved.
  • When taking off or landing in a plane, you are able to keep reading your book, while others have to turn theirs off. 🙂

So what are your thoughts about e-readers? Are you sold on them, or are you resistant? I’d like to hear your experience with this technology. And let me know any benefits or drawbacks you’ve found.

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