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Stoney Ridge Seasons Series


The Keeper

The Stoney Ridge Season starts off with characters who are trying to make the right choices, but sometimes with unexpected results. Fisher always brings freshness to her Amish novels. The Amish culture is interesting to read and learn about, but there is also a message: God has plans and those plans may vary greatly from the plans you have. — Romantic Times, 4 Stars

Don’t let the fact that this book is labeled “Amish” fiction lead you to believe you’re about to enjoy a fluffy, light romance. Suzanne’s characters are real people with real world-problems. In her stories the Amish interact with their neighbors and one another in realistic scenarios and there are no clear cultural lines drawn to distinguish the Amish as all-good and the Englischers as all-bad. Reading a Suzanne Woods Fisher novel will give you reason to think and reason to rejoice. You’ll get a satisfying romance and a great drama as well. — Charlene from Quintessentially Quilly

“The Keeper” is slightly different than the typical Amish fiction, adding witty characters and realism that any reader can connect with. Life is full of twists and turns that challenges your faith as the main character Julia finds out. There is heartache, laughter and wonderful storytelling to be found in “The Keeper”. I recommend the book to all readers. — Billy from Rambling of a Coffee Addicted Writer

The Haven

Popular Amish romance novelist Fisher (The Choice) continues her Stoney Ridge Seasons series with a stand-alone tale focusing on Amos Lapp’s middle daughter, Sadie. Fisher’s style is light and engaging. Her setting may be a simple Pennsylvania Amish community, but the struggles of faith, trust, and forgiveness are common to a wide-ranging audience. Moral elements are so deftly woven into the plot that most readers will learn the lesson before realizing there is one. – Publisher’s Weekly

I greatly enjoyed returning to visit with the Lapp family. Fisher does a skillful job of showing us little glimpses into an Amish life while still making the people relatable to our own everyday ‘English’ lives. I personally don’t love all Amish fiction… I love a well-crafted tale with characters that I enjoy spending time, people that I want to know more about. The Stoney Ridge Seasons series absolutely fits the bill. I know you’ll enjoy it! — Tara from The Blonde Mother Bear

Even if you are not a huge fan of Amish fiction you should give this series a chance–it is focused around faith, love, and family-something we can all hopefully relate to! — Nicole from Wyoming Girl *turned* Coastie Wife

The Lesson

The Lesson has more twists and turns than a rabbit hole, keeping readers turning pages in total suspense. I loved it! With a wide cast of familiar characters who become totally intertwined in some really creative and zany ways, this book is both heart-wrenching and fun. These adventures and side trails translate into what makes Fisher’s books so wonderful. — A Nest in the Rocks

It’s so well written and even though it’s labeled as a romance it’s probably one of the most “real” fiction books that I’ve read. — Renee, Black ‘n Gold Girl’s Book Spot

I thought I was tired of Amish fiction but then I read The Lesson. They were not just the same old characters but they were lively and had spunk. I am totally in love with them all. I have faith in Amish fiction again. — Robyn Wenal

Christmas at Rose Hill Farm

Suzanne Woods Fisher never disappoints. Christmas at Rose Hill Farm is a delightful read and perfect for gearing up for the holidays. A beautiful love story. –Mommy Has to Work

Another winner from one of my favorite Amish genre authors! I highly recommend Christmas at Rose Hill Farm for all those who are fans of Amish novels as well as those looking for the perfect read for the Christmas season. –By the Book


Eagle Hill Series


The Letters

I can easily say that Suzanne Woods Fisher is one of my favorite Amish genre writers. I always look forward to each of her books because she always provides fresh, interesting characters that make me feel as if I am actually a part of the community she is writing about. She has a wonderful way of making me think that something is going to happen and then throws a monkey wrench into the plot taking me in another direction!  — Amazon reviewer

The Calling

I loved it – not a surprise!! I love getting to be a fly on the wall in the Amish homes whether the Lapp home or at the Inn at Eagle Hill!! I recommend each of these books!! I will always be a fan of Ms. Fisher’s!! — Cole Clan Adventures

I love how Suzanne Woods Fisher can create a wonderfully written book with many twists and end up with something that leaves you wanting to know more. — Lost Island of Book Reviews

[Fisher] writes her characters like they are old friends, making me connect with them, hoping that their lives will work out for the best, and when I come to the end of a story, I find myself missing them, and hoping to see them again in another story. — WV Stitcher

The Revealing

A stirring mystery and a dash of romance lend to the broad storyline of many lives melting together like a cool, spring morn. The lives of this Amish community ever changing keeps the story and characters as fresh as a spring rain. —A Simple Life, Really?!

Suzanne Woods Fisher never disappoints me. Her books just have such an appealing quality about them. The characters are so well developed, and you just feel like they are your own neighbors. —Cindy’s Book Reviews

Leave it to Suzanne Woods Fisher to turn an Amish fiction book into a mystery and weave a story so believable that it almost seems as if it could come from the headlines of a modern day paper. —Growing for Christ


The Lancaster County Series

The Choice

Fisher kicks off a refreshing new series, Lancaster County Secrets, with characters that are strong, both in body and spirit. They also have weaknesses that develop into strengths with the choices they make. — Romantic Times 4 stars

Fisher’s writing brings that Amish sense of peace into your own world. The Choice brings an entirely new perspective to the Amish way of life. You will love it! –Kristin Billerbeck

I haven’t read a lot of Amish books of this type, but I do think it is one of the best I have read. Move aside, Beverly Lewis, you have some new competition! — A Kid’s Review

The Waiting

A compelling page turner. A great next installment in the Lancaster County Secrets series written by a talented author. Fisher writes with her heart and soul. Her characters just want to do the right thing, but they struggle to know just what that right thing is.  –Romantic Times 4 stars

There are a plethora of Amish books on the market, but this one stands out as one of the best. — Linda from Mocha with Linda

I have read a lot of Amish story’s this year and I must tell you all…..The Waiting is one of the best one’s Ive read!!!· Full of drama, twists, laughs and tears, Suzanne’s words sucked me in and didn’t let go until the last page. — Tina from Tina’s Book Reviews

The Search

Fisher writes with a fresh mix of humor and depth, splashing raw emotion onto the pages. I guarantee your heart will be touched. — Ginger Kolbaba, founding editor,; author, Desperate Pastors’ Wives

Fisher writes with her heart and soul.  –Romantic Times Book Reviews

Suzanne Woods Fisher has done it again. Another story that I couldn’t put down; a tale of coming home, forgiveness, redemption and finding love in an unexpected place. I started reading “The Search” and couldn’t stop reading, I wanted to know what was on each “next page”. Loved the ending. Can’t wait for her next book. — Vicki Jo Smith

A Lancaster County Christmas

This twisting plot keeps you reading late into the night!!! Suzanne’s ability to engage you in this truly amazing Amish story is unbelievable. I could NOT put this book down!! I MUST say- READ this book. It is an inspiration to all of us to “wait upon the Lord.”  and our needs will be met. I absolutely loved this book!  Amish fiction being my favorite genre, I have read many stories and honestly believe this is one of the very best!! — Karla from Quiet Quilter

I don’t read much Amish fiction, but I am glad I read this one. I liked it that there was not the immediate (magnified) distrust/dislike between the “English” and “Plain People” that I’ve read in other books. Each “side” was willing to listen, trust and work together.  — “Nise from Under the Boardwalk

Suzanne Woods Fisher gives us a different kind of Christmas story; one that is really human with lots of heart.That is the beauty of “A Lancaster County Christmas” it very nicely gives a reason why an Amish family and an English or Non-Amish family have to spend time together. And it is during this time of forced togetherness that God is able to let each family help the other family over their individual hurts. Each family has what the other family needs and it is great to watch it play out over the course of the two days. By itself it is a nice story but it is even nicer because it is a Christmas story and a lot of fun. I recommend this book. — Vic’s Media Room


The Adventures of Lily Lapp Series

The Adventures of Lily Lapp Series

Life with Lily

The book was funny in some places – I laughed out loud and told my family how funny some of the things were. And it was also sad in some places. Life with Lily was a really good story and I enjoyed it a lot. I think anyone would like this story. Even boys could find fun stuff to read in it. I didn’t want to stop reading it when I started. I liked Lily a lot and it was interesting to learn about her life as an Amish kid. It’s a lot different than mine. I think that was part of why I liked the book so much. – Christian Hope, age 10

This is an adorable book! It reminds me very much of the Laura Ingalls/Little House on the Prairie series that we had growing up. — Bless Their Hearts Mom

Life with Lily is an enchanting peek into the life of the Amish as seen through the eyes of an adventurous 6 year old little girl. Absolutely delightful! –Morning Glories and Moonflowers

A New Home for Lily

Betwixt Suzanne Woods Fisher and Mary Ann Kinsinger there is a perfect chemistry to bring the Amish genre a young appeal! — Noelle the Dreamer

. . .the way this book really gives us a glimpse inside the way the Amish community works is amazing. I can’t wait for my girls to read this book. It is really good. –Janna R. Ryan

Be ready for some great children’s adventures here, asking to sleep in the barn….feeding a calf, and owning some new goats! I love reading these stories to my Grandsons, and at times they are almost rolling on the floor! Enjoy!! — Maureen

My son Ian was complaining that he had nothing new to read, so I handed him Lily #2 off the bookshelf—just to see what he’d think. (His primary interests are Legos and Star Wars, but he loves to read all sorts of things.) He absolutely ate that thing up! Read it all that day, in two focused sittings. Read his favorite parts out loud and asked when he could get the next one. So maybe the real audience for these books is seven-year-old boys! Ha! — Barb

This book is written for young readers but easily adapts to older readers. Adults will enjoy Lily’s adventures as much as children will. Best of all, it teaches readers about Amish life and how the live to serve the Lord. Lily’s primary focus is to do her best to be a good person as God would want, and her parents do their best to teach this to her. Again, she has good intentions, but sometimes things just go awry. This is also a good book that could be read to children who cannot yet read. I highly recommend it because of its entertaining stories, interesting characters, and strong commitment to Christianity. — Radiant Lit


Nonfiction Books by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Amish Proverbs, expanded edition

These are timeless, fun to read and simple to enjoy. My wife reads them them at night and wakes up feeling like she has wisdom at the start of her day. — David

Sitting down reading through Amish Proverbs was like sitting with my grandmother in her kitchen. The stories and proverbs warmed my heart and touched my soul. This is a beautifully written and illustrated book and would make a wonderful gift for any woman. — Lori Kasbeer

I loved this little book full of sage wisdom. I felt myself relaxing while reading it, it felt comforting and peaceful. Lovely photo’s are dispersed throughout the book: quilts, Amish, scenery, hands. This book should not be bought to look pretty on a table or shelf, but should be savored and enjoyed. I loved it! — Miss Daisy Anne

Amish Values for Your Family

If you are looking for a simpler life, a closer family, and having your priorities straight, then AMISH VALUES FOR YOUR FAMILY is a book to pick up. You won’t be disappointed. — Laura from Lighthouse Academy

This is an absolutely charming book. I’m not one who grabs every Amish book I see nor do I agree with all of their theology as I understand it, but families could benefit from reading this book and practicing many of its principles. – Linda from Mocha with Linda

Thoroughly enjoyed!  It is simple, down to earth advice – everyday issues and encounters that we face and then thoughts of how we might handle them differently with an example from the Amish way of life. I was challenged to think about how I handle relationships, family issues, my focus on material things – all different areas of life that are worth thinking over and knowing where you stand. I loved the humor in the book – the gentle voice it is told in isn’t harsh, but gives you MUCH to think over. There is no push to “go Amish” but it is about adopting some simple principles and ideas from the Amish that may help change who we are – for the better. It is a fast read, but it is guaranteed to get you thinking! — Becky from In the Pages

Amish Peace

I can think of few other books that have so profoundly affected me. I entered seminary last August, and even the texts, with their depth of theological history and foundation, did not touch me so. “Amish Peace” has driven me to a place of comfort and challenge that gives me pause and desire to be a more engaged Christian, man, father, student, teacher. — Cecil, a reader

Suzanne has captured the calm spirit of the Amish community. She offers us a glimpse into a world of peace, serenity, and total commitment to family and God. This book just might change the way you live your life. — Glenda Lehman Ervin, vice president, marketing, Lehman’s

Fisher plants the reader inside Amish living rooms, barns, kitchens, and schoolhouses while distilling the best of what Plain life has to offer. Heartening and helpful. — Erik Wesner, author, Simple Success: How the Amish Do Business and Amish America blog