A Day in My Life: Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA

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Just got back from a wonderful week on the east coast. I researched historical ships for some upcoming books. My husband came along—he was in training to become a crackerjack assistant for me. (He had a great time—but never understood the critical need for an assistant to bring coffee to the writer each morning. Not sure if I’ll hire him . . . but don’t tell him that.)

For the next few Wednesdays, I’ll share pics from the trip. I took more than 500 . . . promise not to bore you! I’ll just share some highlights.




Imagine climbing up that rope ladder for a two-to-four hour turn as a “watch.”


My husband, Steve, studying some aspects of the ship. He had great observations! No note-taking though . . . which I just don’t “get.” I took pages and pages and pages of notes.


This is a palm guard for sailors who stitched and repaired sails. Why haven’t quilters adapted this tool?


This is the ship the Separatists brought along with them. It was held in the hold of the ship.


Looking up from the hold, where the Separatists stayed for more than two months. Imagine how dark it was down there!


This was how the sailors kept track of their watch.


1600 Laundry rack. Not so different from ours! 🙂


This is where the Master of the ship slept. He wasn’t called the Captain because that title had an association with the military.


Master’s quarters. This was his dining table/desk. Pretty much his entire space.



A Separatist in the hold. (Not really. She’s an interpreter and a good one! Couldn’t get her out of the 1600s.)


Lifeboat on the Mayflower.


My husband, Steve, in front of the Mayflower II.


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