12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 6

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On the sixth day of Christmas… Does anyone else have this song stuck in their head? Below is the answer and winners from yesterday giveaway, as well as a new question and chance to win!

Question 5: Which character is Suzanne’s alter-ego?
Answer: M.K. Lapp (The Lesson) as a young girl. Bertha Riehl (The Search) as an old lady.

Congratulations to the winners: Jean Marino and Cheryl Hart.


Question 6:

There’s something that appears in The Search, then Christmas at Rose Hill Farm, then Anna’s Crossing. What was it?

In order to enter, you must email your guess, your mailing address, and your friend’s address info@suzannewoodsfisher.com! I’ll reveal the answer and post the next question tomorrow.

P.S. Stop by my Goodreads giveaway for another chance to win a copy of A Christmas at Rose Hill Farm. Good luck!


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