Favorite Finds of 2014 | Go-To Gifts


Welcome back to my favorite finds mini-series! Below you will find my go-to gifts of 2014. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my favorite apps and gadgets.


Rustic Bakery

Their boxed goods are amazing. Granola, cheese coins, sugar cookies, nuts, etc. You can’t go wrong.


Chipotle Rosemary Nuts

Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten, my imaginary BFF, in her cookbook How Easy is That. I gave them to all of our neighbors this year in little mason jars. Warning: super addictive!

Tip: I buy all the nuts at Trader Joe’s.




Narcissus bulbs

In September, I buy really healthy “paperwhite narcissus” bulbs from a good nursery, keep them in the fridge until Thanksgiving week. Throughout the year, I look for solid glass vases. I plant the bulbs in the vases with moss (purchased or harvested from my yard) and start watering (not too much—just enough to keep moss moist). I give the vases to family and friends during Thanksgiving week. They bloom by Christmas! A heavenly smell.


What are some of your favorites from 2014? Share in the comment section below!



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  1. I made buckeyes for my family for a Christmas surprise. Put seasonal chocolate kisses in a special red treat bag and added my buckeyes to each bag then closed the bag and added a sticker to keep it closed. Put gift tag on and they were ready.
    It had been years since I made buckeyes but they turned out good. Everyone seems to like them.
    I’ve started to wear scarfs now. Something I never bothered with much before. They’ve gotten more popular this year I think. I just love how you can tie them all different ways and they look so nice.
    There are lots of different things New in 2014. My daughter gave me a new tote purse with my last name monogrammed on it. Guess that is now a new thing for me to embrace. Why not? I always have to cramb things in a smaller purse and then I can’t find what I’m looking for. Big purses are popular now.
    That’s it for me . Have already taken up too much space. Let’s hear about everyone else’s changes in 2014.

  2. Terri Shortell says:

    You’ve given me some good ideas for gifts. Anyone would love to receive these. Thanks for the info. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.