Friday Fun: Scents

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There’s something so lovely about Spring . . .  the breeze of fresh air, the warm sunshine, the vibrant pops of colors of new blooms, and the smells! I love when my garden is in full force with its wonderful fragrances. That got me thinking about the power of smell. Amazing how one smell can trigger a certain emotion or memory. Trivia time!

Q: Do you know how  many scents the human nose (or, to be more accurate, the brain) can remember?

A:  25,000
B: 50,000
C: 100,00
D: 150,000

How well do you know your nose? Share your guess below for a chance to win a copy of Amish Values for Your Family. Check back next Friday to see if you won!




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About Suzanne

Suzanne Woods Fisher writes bestselling, award winning fiction and non-fiction books about the Old Order Amish for Revell Books. Her interest in the Plain People began with her Old Order German Baptist grandfather, raised in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne's app, Amish Wisdom, delivers a daily Amish proverb to your phone or iPad. She writes a bi-monthly column for Christian Post and Cooking & Such magazine. She lives with her family in California and raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. To Suzanne's way of thinking, you can't take life too seriously when a puppy is running through your house with someone's underwear in its mouth.


  1. Wen Dee says:

    My answer is C.

    I love your books and loved meeting you in Sarasota.

    • Vicki Cooper says:

      My nose can only smell a very few things, as well as my taste buds taste only a few things! When I had double pneumonia I was given a med that destroyed my tastebuds & 9 years later I STILL cannot smell or taste much! I can tell when it is a bad smell, but I do not think it’s as bad as it normally would be! My taste…I can tell if it’s sweet, sour, or if nasty….but I really cannot trust my taste when it comes to cooking. I always let someone else taste test for me!! LOL!! I am not entering your contest, Susan. But my guess for a normal person, who never smoked…D!!

  2. Michelle Rhoden says:

    My answer is d

  3. Brenda Roberson says:

    C. 100,000

  4. Sandy Guilbeaux says:

    B: 50,000

  5. Sally Davison says:

    My answer is 50,000. B It is absolutely amazing how our bodies are made!

  6. cheryl says:


  7. Elizabeth Gray says:

    B. 50,000

  8. Dora says:

    I am amazed at the scents I remember, even those I don’t particularly enjoy to smell.

    My guess is D. 150,000

  9. Leslie Schmidt says:

    50,000 scents I would say…letter B

  10. MS Barb says:

    B–Thanks for a nice Giveaway!

  11. LeAnn Mooneyham says:

    My guess is B.

  12. Sandie W says:

    I would guess that it’s D) 150,000

  13. Tammy says:


  14. Colleen Bartell says:

    I think maybe it is C-100,000

  15. The brain can remember 50000 scents. Love your books.

  16. Sharyl B. says:

    My answer is B-50,000.

  17. Regina Fujitani says:

    Hi, Suzanne! what a fun trivia question!

    My answer is B:50,000.

  18. Jean says:

    my answer is B: 50,000

  19. Carrie says:

    My answer is c

  20. Linda Kish says:

    50,000 scents.

  21. Renee says:

    b.) 50,000

  22. Rocky says:

    Hi! I hope you’re doing great, Suzanne!

    B is my answer: 50,000

  23. Jeanie Dannheim says:

    B 50,000 even though considering how many species there are of flowers, plants, trees – etc – but I also have lessened sense of smell due to various things, including allergies. Being in Phoenix, however, I miss two of my favorite scents – lilac in spring, and evergreens.

  24. Brenda Burt Wheeler says:

    my answer is B 50,000 can’t wait to get in the garden and play in the dirt & plant flowers and veggies 🙂

  25. My answer is C.

  26. sharon says:


  27. Peggy says:

    I am going to guess C. I can’t smell as well as I used to, due to the fact I soked for 20 years, Quit tho almost 10 years ago. Feel better too!

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    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.