Friday Fun: Dreaded Errand

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Can you believe Christmas is less than two weeks away!?! December seems to be flying by. Although there are many things I love about the holiday time, there is one thing I absolutely dread . . . going to the post office. No matter what, I always pick the wrong time or the wrong day. Long lines. One clerk.

Apparently, there’s a best time to go to the post office. A half hour after the PO opens in the morning is supposed to be the sweet spot. Short lines! I’ll keep that in mind when sending packages this Christmas.

What about you? What is your most dreaded errand?



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  1. Sue Pate says:

    I guess the thing I dread most is the wrapping. I tend to keep putting it off and then my daughter and I end up staying up all Christmas eve to finish. Last year we got done at 7:30 am and had to rush before the kids came down to get it all set up. UGH!!!

  2. Kathleen Berman says:

    I dread almost anything done in a store or the post office between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mailed a few holiday packages before Thanksgiving. Any shopping not done by Thanksgiving I do over the internet. And, if I have to go to a store I go the moment they open so it isn’t too bad. And, my very sweet husband will go to the market for me. I am so lucky!

  3. Pat Barr says:

    I love cooking…But with such a large family, and at my age now..I dread all the very many traditional recipes I have always made for Family… Have lovely daughter-in-laws that help a lot..but still so many things I think I just must make myself..Worth all of it in the end. My husband of almost 50 years, (in Feb.) is wonderful to help with gro. shopping and cleaning and making a way for me to get it all done..In the end..I place my focus on getting it done..and before I know it..all is in place and ready. About 3 days cooking. 8^}

  4. Cathy Thomas says:

    There’s nothing I dread as I don’t exchange gifts with anyone and no money to buy. I don’t cook or back. I’m so pathetic. lol