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Most every culture has proverbs that are unique to it. Whether called maxims, bromides, truisms, idioms, expressions, sayings, or just an old saw, proverbs are small, concentrated packages that let us peek into the window of a peoples’ values and beliefs. Pennsylvania Dutch, as an oral language, is resplendent with such sayings. Here are a few that my mother (proud of her Penn Dutch heritage) frequently quoted:

“Every mother crow thinks her own little crow is the blackest.”
“In every path there is a puddle.”
“Forbidden fruit creates many jams.”
“There are two kinds of leaders: those interested in the flock and those interested in the fleece.”
“Faith is the bird that sings at night.”

By the way, if you’re a Pinterest lover (as I am!), I have a Pinterest board of some pithy Amish proverbs.

Your turn. Which proverb is your favorite?

I’ll be giving away a copy of  Amish Values for Your Family to one person who does the following (and let me know in a comment):

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I’ll announce the winner next Friday! Good luck.

Speaking of winners, the winner of last week’s Friday fun is Julie Smith. Julie, please email your mailing address to to claim your prize.

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About Suzanne

Suzanne Woods Fisher writes bestselling, award winning fiction and non-fiction books about the Old Order Amish for Revell Books. Her interest in the Plain People began with her Old Order German Baptist grandfather, raised in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne's app, Amish Wisdom, delivers a daily Amish proverb to your phone or iPad. She writes a bi-monthly column for Christian Post and Cooking & Such magazine. She lives with her family in California and raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. To Suzanne's way of thinking, you can't take life too seriously when a puppy is running through your house with someone's underwear in its mouth.


  1. Melanie Backus says:

    I am certainly one of your blog followers and I absolutely love proverbs and quotes. I love to read them and I love to use them. I am amazed at the depth and meaning of them. I use them quite often in my thinking and expressing ideas. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is one that I have used for years. Have a blessed day and thank you for this post and for what you do.

    melback at cebridge dot net

    • Suzanne says:

      Thank you, Melanie! I agree with you about the proverbs and quotes…they pop into my mind. Just the way they’re meant to! Grateful for your interest and support. Warmly, Suzanne

  2. I like the one ” A friend is like a rainbow, Always there for you after a storm ”

    I like a lot of them but this one is standing out at me now.


  3. Tracey M. says:

    I am one of your blog followers and I already signed up for your blog via e-mail. I pinned “Passing on skills to a child take time but offers a lifetime of rewards.” I also like “Trusting God turns problems into opportunities.” Thank you for sharing this Pinterest board. Here is my Pinterest board of quotes and sayings Have a great day!

  4. Peggy Janke says:

    We live simply so others may simply live.”

  5. Mindy Hartwell says:

    I absolutely live by the “We are not promised skies are always blue…” proverb. Thank you for providing books that are clean and moral. I was really down about today’s books for a while, then I found the Amish genre…I am a happy reader now!

  6. Katie Johnson says:

    My favorite is: “Sometimes the simplest things in life are the very best”. I follow you blog.

  7. Leanna Morris says:

    I receive your blog via email. I loved this posting about Amish proverbs. There is truth in each one. My favorite is “We are not promised skies always blue, but a helper to see us through”. How true that is!
    Thank you for sharing these proverbs.

  8. Rebecca says:

    I Follow Your blog via email.

    My Favorite Amish Proverb Is:
    A friend is like a Rainbow, Always there for you after the storm.

  9. MS Barb says:

    I follow your blog! I like all the proverbs you posted in your e-mail & appreciate their sensibility!
    I like: “There are two kinds of leaders: those interested in the flock, and those interested in the fleece” SO TRUE!

  10. A farm is not a farm with the barn

  11. “We are not promised skies always blue, but a helper to see us through”. This is one of my favorite amish proverbs. We have our good and bad days in life but it makes us grow closer to our Savior. Love reading amish stories.

  12. Jackie McNutt says:

    I follow your blog by e mail. Love all of the quotes but favorite for me right now is “in every path there is a puddle” Seems to fit my life right now.

  13. Robyn L says:

    blog follower

    The most beautiful attire is a smile

  14. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Already a subscriber.
    I’m touched my many of the Amish proverbs, but the one I like the most is:
    “We can stop forgiving others when Christ stops forgiving us.”

  15. Lisa Stifler says:

    Hi Suzanne, I am a follower of your blog. I have been receiving your daily proverbs on my phone and look forward to receiving them every day. I guess if I had to pick one as my favorite I would to say “All our tomorrows must pass before God before they ever reach us.” It’s just a reminder that no matter what the day brings I know I can get through because God only gives us what we can handle and will be there to help me through. May God Bless you!

  16. Jan Hall says:

    We are not promised Skies always blue. But a helper to see us through.

  17. A Friend is Like a Rainbow, Always There For You After a Storm. I just love that one, I think it says it all about friends. Have a Blessed Day.

  18. Michelle Rhoden says:

    I follow your blog. My favorite Amish proverb “Childrens ears may be closed to advice, but their eyes are open to examples”. Just a simple reminder of how children may “do as we do” not as we say.

  19. Donna says:

    I like the farm is not a farm without a barn! I love driving in the country and looking at the barns. I already follow your blog. Enjoy reading it aas well as your books!

  20. Phyllis O. says:

    Courage is fear, after it said its prayers. Love all Amish proverbs, all so meaningful. Love your books !!!!!

  21. Carolyn Snider says:

    I have signed up for your blog. My proverb that I like best is “Faith is the bird that sings at night” because it reminds me that faith is real through the darkest of circumstances, even the blackest night when we think there will be no dawn. I love your quotes, the pictures &, of course, your writing!!

  22. Megan Parsons says:

    My favorite is: A man is rich in proportion to the things he can afford to leave alone.
    I’m a subscriber already: makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

  23. Susan Johnson says:

    I am signed up for your blog. I think my favorite of the sayings is “A friend is like a rainbow, always there for you after a storm.

  24. Linda D. McFarland says:

    I’ve signed up & faithfully follow your blog. My favorite proverb/saying is: A woman is like a tea bag…when put in hot water just gets stronger!

  25. Sonja says:

    Hi Suzanne, I have your proverb app and I love it. Of those above, I would have to say I like the one about the black crow. Because it is so true. As I read facebook entries, every parent I see “crows” about their kids. And as a gramma, I am afraid I do the same thing! It’s a wonderful fact of human nature, we are proud of our kids and grandkids. I guess that’s because we love ’em soooo much! Yes, I subscribe and love your blog!

  26. Bonnie says:

    My favorite proverb is: “In every path, there is a puddle”. We must learn to accept the trials, because of the growth we will gain.

  27. Kathryn Mackey says:

    We can stop forgiving others when Christ stops forgiving us

  28. michelle delp says:

    “No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work”.
    And yes, I signed up for your blog by email 🙂

  29. Sharon says:

    We should not put a question mark where God puts a period… Blogger!!

  30. Cynthia Fernstaedt says:

    I most definitely follow your blog! A favorite of mine has always been “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

  31. Patty Tolliver says:

    I love proverbs, sayings etc. My favorites from the ones above are “A farm is not a farm without a barn” and “A friend is like a rainbow; always there for you after a storm.” One my grandmother used to say when asked if she was going to be somewhere or bring something was “God willing and the creek don’t rise!”

    I love your blog.

  32. Coco says:

    I absolutely love quotes, proverbs etc. My favorite proverb, so far, is – “When you dig another out of their troubles, you find a place to bury your own.”